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greedy shameless goan bhandari scammer LIAR teji continues with her computer work, banking fraud

During the inaugaration of the sindhudurg airport, the chief minister of maharashtra, Uddhav Thackerey mentioned that his father Balasaheb Thackeray did not tolerate LIARS , he preferred to hear the truth. This policy of not tolerating LIARS was also confirmed by the union minister Narayan Rane, in mumbai usually no one fakes bank account. This explains the reason why the domain investor is complaining because the goa government only worships and rewards SHAMELESS GREEDY pathological LIARS, FRAUDS like goan bhandari officials pritesh chodankar, naik, while criminally defaming honest hardworking citizens, committing banking fraud on the
The latest in the long list of google, tata sponsored greedy goan bhandari scammers is the shameless fraud goan bhandari woman teji, whose mother’s house is in st,inez. The LIAR goan bhandari officials like pritesh chodankar are aware that the greedy goan bhandari scammer teji like her fraud cousins raw employee sunaina chodan, purvi, piyu, does not even have a computer at home, does no computer work, has no online income.
Yet in addition to being pathological LIARS, the goan bhandari officials like pritesh chodankar are also CYBERCRIMINALS stealing all the data of a hardworking single woman domain investor doing the computer work who they criminally defame , and then making fake claims about the greedy goan bhandari scammer teji to get her a government job at the expense of the hardworking single woman
Goan bhandari fraudster officials like pritesh chodankar also fail to answer why the goan bhandari scammer teji, like other raw/cbi employees including bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree does not open her own bank account legally, why she is falsely claiming to own the bank account of a single woman engineer who has no one to help or defend herself against the LIAR goan bhandari, gujju,sindhi, shivalli brahmin officials