Though the DISHONEST LIAR madhya pradesh government cannot provide any proof, it continues to make FAKE security threat allegations to continue BANKING FRAUD

Domain investor has never visited madhya pradesh and will never visit it, yet CORRUPT LIAR madhya government making fake security threat allegations to commit BANKING FRAUD for 11 years
One of the biggest fraud governments in india, is the CORRUPT LIAR madhya government which is ruthless in committing FINANCIAL FRAUD on hardworking single women who have no one to defend or help against the LIAR FRAUD madhya pradesh government officials making fake security threat allegations against the single woman domain investor to commit BANKING FRAUD for 11 years and get indore greedy fraud robber deepika a monthly raw salary FAKING bank account

The fraud madhya pradesh government is aware that the single woman domain investor has never visited the state in her life and will also never visit the fraud state in future also after the banking fraud for 11 years. It is also aware that the other mp fraud mhow monster ntro employee puneet HATES the domain investor and has not contacted her anytime, though he was SHAMELESSLY MISUSING her name to CHEAT, EXPLOIT her .

Yet showing the extreme dishonesty and greed of the government, its fraud officials are making completely fake allegations without any legally valid proof to commit FINANCIAL FRAUD, labor law violations since 2010 . It is an indication of the worsening status of educated women, that no one in the government, indian tech and internet sector has the honesty and humanity to question the madhya pradesh government why it is making FAKE ALLEGATIONS against a harmless single woman engineer for 11 years, when it cannot provide any proof against the her

panaji sindhi scammer nikhil chand gets Jio management trainee position after committing BANKING FRAUD for 9 years with the help of his school dropout mother, fraud brother karan

One of the biggest frauds in goa, especially in panaji, is the panaji sindhi scammer nikhil chand, son of panaji’s top fraud xerox shop owner pran chand,. who got Jio management trainee position after commtting BANKING FRAUD on a single woman engineer for 9 years with the help of his school dropout mother naina chand who looks like actress sneha wagh, fraud brother karan

Panaji most shameless greedy fraud sindhi scammer family did not have the honesty or humanity to open their own paypal, bank account legally, with the help of CYBERCRIMINAL raw/cbi employees like tushar parekh, these shameless sindhi scammers stole all the data of the hardworking single woman engineer, who had no one to help or defend her, and then falsely claimed to own the paypal, bank account,domains to get raw/cbi salaries and later the jio job

These greedy shameless sindhi scammer brothers karan, nikhil, their fraud mother naina chand (names changed), did not want to do any computer work at all, yet showing how ruthless frauds these panaji sindhi scammers are in cheating, exploiting, robbing older single woman , to ensure that no one questionedd their BANKING, FINANCIAL ONLINE FRAUD for 8 years, the fraud panaji sindhi scammers circulated photoshopped videos of the single woman engineer to ruin her reputation completely