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Peoplematters should know that greedy fraud MBA hr ruchita kinge falsely claims to own bank account of single woman to get government salary

Peoplematters should know that greedy fraud MBA hr ruchita kinge, who it featured, falsely claims to own bank account of single woman to get government salary,
The ruthless ruchita does not want to open her own bank account, she does not even want to hire people, yet in a clear case of labor law violations, the shameless scammer ruthless ruchita is involved in financial fraud on older single women who are not well connected, falsely claiming to own their bank account
She has openly stated that she is targetting older single women from powerless communities, who she said does not matter.

High status frauds from other communities falsely claim to own the bank account of bhandari business owners get monthly government salaries

To keep the bhandari community, professionals, investors poor and backward, the indian and state governments are blindly belive dishonest liar fraud bhandari/obc offficials and leaders like cheater chodankar, naik, who are extremely vicious in criminally defaming hardworking honest bhandari professionals to ruin their reputation so that frauds like goan bhandari sunaina chodan, and frauds from other communities like haryana’s greatest fraud mbahr ruchika kinge gets a monthly raw salary for faking bank account, domain ownership including this one
Though she makes fake claims and promises since 2010 to get a monthly raw salary for more than 10 years without doing any computer work, without taking the risk of investing money in domains, haryana’s greatest fraud mba ruchika kinge has not paid any money for the domains, like her boyfriends from the btech 1993 ee class of iit bombay, especially apostek director puneet and this can be legally proved.
Since ruthless ruchika does not pay any money for domains, and is not connected to the real domain investor in any way at all, since 2012, there is no logical reason why the fraud mba ruchika and other government employees should falsely get credit, monthly government salaries for faking domain ownership
Yet only because there are no honest bhandari leaders, officials to question the government why it is making fake claims about haryana mba hr ruchika who has no online income, does not invest money in domains, the haryana and indian government is getting away with its fraud promoting haryana scammer ruchika kinge
The domains are always available for sale, and though the government employees are getting a very good salary for making fake claims, they do not have the humanity and honesty to purchase the domains paying the market price, yet falsely claim to own them and get monthly salaries