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Lazy greedy goan bhandari shameless scammer sisters pooja, piyu,sunny chodan refuse to open their own bank account, yet make fake claims

lazy greedy goan shameless scammers do not want to open their own paypal, bank account criminally defame hardworking older single women who has legally opened the bank account to get government salaries
One of the reasons why the goa government is always borrowing money from the central government is because of the terrible business conditions in the state . Lazy greedy goan shameless scammers like goan bhandari scammer sisters piyu, pooja, sunny chodan, their cousin teji, goan gsb fraud robber riddhi nayak caro, siddhi mandrekar, sindhi scammer naina premchandani,bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree do not want to open their own paypal, bank account, do not want to invest money in domains, criminally defame hardworking older single women to get government salaries at her expense for the last `10 years
Tired of being cheated,exploited and robbed, the hardworking single woman has left goa,yet being extremely shameless scammers,the greedy goan frauds continue to falsely claim that they own the domains, bank account of the single woman, to get government salaries
The government also refuses to correct its records regarding online in and wastes taxpayer money on these greedy goan, sindhi, shivalli brahmin,bania frauds, while denying the real domain investor her fundamental rights
This indian internet sector policy of rewarding online,banking fraudsters is the reason why Facebook is finding it difficult to find new users since the indian tech and internet companies only reward lazy liars, fraudsters while no one helps honest investors,writers