PAN number disappearing from bank records of senior citizen

In a clear case of how insecure indian banking system is, the PAN number is repeatedly disappearing from the bank records of a senior citizen in Panaji, goa. The first time the PAN number disappeared was in January 2017 and TDS was deducted at the rate of 20%. The senior citizen submitted a copy of the PAN card and Aadhar card to the bank again in May 2017 to complete the KYC formalities.
An acknowledgement copy was also obtained from the bank employees after the PAN, Aadhar were submitted.
However in June 2017, the bank staff is again claiming that the PAN number is not included in the bank records of the senior citizen and the income tax records are also not reflecting the TDS which has been deducted from the FDs of the senior citizen
The banking fraud is wasting the time of the senior citizen and his relatives who are visiting the bank branch periodically, yet are unable to get TDS certificate