Indian citizens expected to give up their saving because of R&AW/CBI employees mistake

Just because indian intelligence agency employee falsely accused the harmless single woman obc engineer without proof and stole her retirement savings kept in Indian banks, why does the experienced single woman obc engineer lose her engineering degree for indian government records.

Why are the incompetent careless indian intelligence agency officials who made fake accusations without any proof against the harmless single woman engineer, wasted indian tax payer money for 7 years since 2010 , not penalized, their salary reduced, get a demotion.

If the incompetent, careless, greedy, corrupt indian intelligence, security agency officials make fake accusations without proof against a harmless indian citizen, why does he or she have no right to her savings of twenty years, kept in banks, post office?

Any other person who has his or her bank fds, post office savings or insurance policies stolen, missing, please contact so that others are also aware of the great fraud taking place, a PIL, writ of mandamus or writ petition can be filed. Send an email to info@textads.in